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Booth's Apartment

So. When I was really bored, I decided to try and map the layout of Booth's apartment on Bones. Mostly because I've never seen anyone attempt it before and secondly, somebody suggested that the mighty hut was the shell of his apartment.

My diagram, drawn on Paint (how old am I, five?) is beneath the cut if anyone is interested :D

A couple of notes:

1. There is a fire escape I've never noticed before. It's accessed through the kitchen. The door can be seen when Booth is talking to Pops about his dad.

2. There's also a third door in Booth's bedroom that can be seen when Hannah breaks the picture of Booth and Parker.

3. Booth has a tremendous amount of tat. There's no way it's all going to fit in the mighty hut.

4. The scale is totally off, I know. You try drawing a floor plan in Paint, lol. I've guessed where some doorways are, you might be able to tell!

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Booth: rockon

David Boreanaz Filmography

I uploaded these for another community I’m part of and thought others might appreciate them as well. This is everything I’ve got for David Boreanaz (of Buffy, Angel and Bones fame). I’ve excluded the three TV shows since they’re freely available elsewhere.
Not friends-locked for now since I want these to be shared. Unless I see a post somewhere claiming these as somebody else's. I'll nay be a happy bunny.

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Unaired Bones Pilot GIFs (part 1)

Am I the only person on the Internet who did not know that there was an unaired Pilot for Bones? It's like, just how big is the rock I've been living under not to know this thing existed!?

I've never been an absolutely massive fan of the Pilot and I finally worked out why upon watching the unaired version. Boreanaz plays Booth too much like Angel but only in the Pilot, for some reason. Brennan absolutely kicks arse in it though ♥

Anyhoo. GIFs! I got a bit carried away so this is part one of two. If anyone still had dialup, this very well may kill it :D


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